13 Projects were launched to explore the links between biodiversity and human health (BiodivGesundheit).

BiodivGesundheit Projects

Current projects of the funding measure "Exploring the links between biodiversity and human health"

Species-rich ecosystems provide clean drinking water, oxygen, the assurance of a healthy diet, the existence of intact natural areas. They are the basis for human existence. 13 research projects are investigating the influence of biodiversity on health as part of the BMBF’s Research Initiative for the Conservation of Biodiversity (FEdA).

The drastic extinction of species is putting the delicate balance of ecosystems at risk, and with it ecosystem services. These are the services provided by nature, such as habitats, animals and plants, which humans use as a basis for existence: clean water, oxygen, food.

So if biodiversity is threatened, this has both a direct and indirect impact on human health. The details of the many links between biodiversity and human health are still poorly understood. For this reason, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding 13 projects in the measure “BiodivGesundheit” that focus on the connections between biodiversity and human health.

The research projects have entered an initial one-year conception phase. Their work is part of the FEdA flagship initiative.

The funded scientific projects are:

Diversity of Proteus bacteria in humans and the environment and their role in the spread of antibiotic resistance
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Psychological mechanisms and moderators of a complex relationship between biodiversity, mental health and well-being 
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Relationships between biodiversity, soundscapes and human health in urban green infrastructures
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Diversifying crop production systems for the shared health of soils, plants and people
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Diversity of aquatic plants and associated cyanobacteria influence the risk of neurotoxins to recreational and drinking water use of water bodies
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Effects of environmental biodiversity on health and microbiome development in early childhood
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Enhancing tree species diversity and structural diversity of urban and peri-urban forests for better public health
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Assessment of the effect of the spread of harmful algal blooms of the species Alexandrium pseudogonyaulax on biodiversity and human health
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Healthy and biodiverse Edible Cities: Cluster-randomised study on the effects of biodiverse community gardens on biodiversity and adult health
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New health risks from biodiversity-related counterproductive ecosystem services in cities
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Use, knowledge and health effects of medicinal plant biodiversity in rural and urban areas in Germany
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Molecular monitoring of bacterial biodiversity in the water cycle
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Biodiversity in Brassica oleracea to improve the health value in human nutrition
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An overview of the funding measure can be found on the website of the framework program “Research for Sustainable Development – FONA” (in German), the text of the official funding guideline (in German) on the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).