Scientific Projects

Currently, 30 Research Projects are Organized by FEdA

The network of the BMBF- Research Initiative for the Conservation of Biodiversity (FEdA) comprises 30 projects from two funding guidelines as well as several research projects in the network.

17 projects belong to the funding measure “Valuing and Securing Biodiversity in Politics, Business and Society”, in short: “BiodiWert“. They all pursue the goal of increasing the value of ecosystem services and biodiversity at the corporate and societal level through the development of innovative valuation concepts, governance structures, and (policy) measures – and thus effectively contribute to securing biodiversity.

In the funding measure “Research into the links between biodiversity and human health”, or “BiodivHealth” for short, 13 projects recently started an initial one-year conception phase. Their research focuses on the hitherto little-known but diverse links between biodiversity and human health.

Beyond the funding measures, other research projects are part of the FEdA network, but they are not linked by a joint funding measure.