Wild Bockenheim

Model Project for More Biodiversity in the City

The Frankfurt initiative “Wild Bockenheim” aims to show how biodiversity can be preserved and built up in urban areas. It was launched by the Research Initiative for the Conservation of Biodiversity (FEdA) and the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research; local institutions and associations support the model project.

Preserving the earth’s biodiversity is considered a pressing human task and at least as important as combating climate change. Unlike with the climate, however, a commitment to biodiversity often shows visible success on a small scale – even in one’s own neighborhood. “Wild Bockenheim” would like to demonstrate this. The initial focus is on the area around the Senckenberg Natural History Museum, the Bockenheim district, the Palmengarten, and other areas in Frankfurt am Main, such as the Riedberg. For example, Senckenberg is letting a strip of green along Frankfurt’s Mertonstrasse “go wild”, is setting up insect hotels and nesting aids for birds and bats together with FEdA, and is filling in a clay and sand area for ground-nesting insects near the entrance to the museum.

On April 22nd, 2021, we presented the project to the public and discussed with representatives of the participating organizations and the audience how species protection can best succeed on the doorstep (the following links will take you to the sites that are available in German only):

Press release for the event on 22.04.

Event review and video recording


Supporters / Participants

So far, the following institutions and associations have taken part in “Wild Bockenheim”:



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