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What can private individuals, municipalities, and companies do to protect local biodiversity? Here are some tips for preserving biodiversity:


Eco-Friendly Gardening

FEdA-project gARTENreich has put together a beginner’s guide tips for species-rich garden (PDF). In the brochure, there are also ideas for the balcony.

Insect-friendly gardening: practical tips for your home
(PDF, Federal Ministry for the Environment)

Tiny neighbors under the magnifying glass: The insect hotel in your own garden as a contribution to biodiversity and environmental education
(PDF, ISOE – Institute for Social-Ecological Research)

Ground-nesting wild bees: Creation of open ground areas, sand piles, marginal edges, overhanging drop-offs and bluffs, etc.

Added value through more living space – make the difference. A handout for the nature-oriented design of residential complexes for an urban network of habitats.
(PDF, Nature Conservation Foundation, Berlin)



Promoting Biodiversity in Communities

DStGB-Documentation No. 155: Insect Protection in the Community
(PDF, German Association of Towns and Municipalities / Federal Agency for Nature Conservation)

Municipal green spaces: diverse – species-rich – insect-friendly. A practical handbook for building yards
(PDF, Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection)

Species-rich green spaces: Handbook for the creation and maintenance of species-rich green spaces along roads, paths and squares.
(PDF, German Association for Landscape Conservation)

Insect-rich habitats in public green spaces: handbook for municipalities on the new creation and maintenance of public green spaces.
(PDF, German Association for Landscape Conservation)



Experience Nature

Discover Germany’s Treasuries of Nature
(National Natural Landscapes)

Wild Beauties – Areas on the Way to Wilderness
( / Frankfurt Zoological Society)


Sustainable Living

The Sustainable Shopping Cart: Guide to Environmentally Conscious and Socially Responsible Consumption
(RENN, Regional Network Units Sustainability Strategies)

BUND Eco Tips: Living Ecologically in Everyday Life

WWF Fischratgeber

Zero Waste: 100 Tips on How to Avoid Trash in Your Everyday Life



Inspire Children and Young People to Protect Biodiversity

Natural Gardens: Biodiversity in a Small Space
(Environment in the classroom: Current educational materials / Federal Ministry for the Environment)

Gardening: Fun and Species Conservation
(Planet A – Environment on the Internet / Federal Ministry for the Environment)

1m² Wilderness – Venturing Urban Nature. A Manual for Learning to See Again
(PDF, Cities Venture Wilderness)