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Agricultural and Open Land

Biodiversity in the agricultural landscape has been declining for years. This has been documented in numerous studies for various groups of organisms, such as insects and birds. We will bring together the studies carried out in Germany and classify the causes of the decline in order to identify the most important and urgent measures against the loss of biodiversity. In this way, we hope to make an important contribution against the loss of biodiversity in the agricultural landscape.

In order to summarize the current state of knowledge about the decline of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes in Germany, we will summarize the results of scientific studies and use sources of “gray” literature. In addition, we will have a broad panel of experts evaluating the causes of diversity changes in the agricultural landscape using systematic interview methods (“Delphi Expert Elicitation”). Our work is a direct follow-up of the published position statement “Biodiversität und Management von Agrarlandschaften – Umfassendes Handeln ist jetzt wichtig”, which was funded by the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina.


Information about the team can be found on the German page.