Faktencheck Artenvielfalt

Participation and Process

Who is part of the project? Faktencheck Artenvielfalt is part of and supported by the Research Initiative for the Conservation of Biodiversity (FEdA). The co-chairs Prof. Christian Wirth, Prof. Helge Bruelheide, Prof. Nina Farwig, and Prof. Josef Settele, together with the coordinating lead authors and the project scientists. This core team is complemented by additional lead authors who contribute their expertise to the report within eight chapter groups.

Who will be involved in the review process? The report will go through several stages of drafting and is reviewed by different experts and representatives of authorities and stakeholders in the respective review phases. The final report will be accessible to the public and society.

How will the project be implemented? After the authors were assembled in an initial scoping phase, the individual workshops of the chapter groups began. The main purpose of these workshops was to develop an initial draft outline (“zero order draft”), which the authors submitted by January 2022. After several internal review stages, the first-order draft of the text will be presented by the end of 2022, which will then enter an external review process and be evaluated by experts from academia and practice. After incorporating their feedback, the revised version will be presented to the authorities and stakeholders involved in mid-2023. The publication of the final report is planned for 2024. The public will be informed about the process at all times. In addition, separate public participation formats will be prepared.