One tree alone produces oxygen worth 130 euros.


From WOW! to CHANGE!

Six modules, six main themes: These are the individual stations in “Planet A* – Actions for Biodiversity”

“Planet A* – Actions for Biodiversity” is structured in such a way that it can travel easily, so it can be seen at several locations in succession. That is why the exhibition was designed in individual components, so called modules.

This is not only good for transportation: the modules each bundle a topic. It is precisely these themes that we are presenting here.


Did you know that one tree alone filters water worth €2700 and provides many other valuable services? WOW! deals with the appreciation and valorization of biodiversity and nature. Find out what nature’s services are worth, why this is important, and discover the fascinating diversity of species in a growing photo gallery. 


In Germany alone, there are around 48,000 animal, 14,400 fungal and 9,500 plant species, but the number is decreasing every day. DIVERSITY! presents the causes of the global loss of biodiversity and shows the state of biodiversity in Germany. Learn more about the reasons for the loss of species and how they are actually being researched! 


CHANGE! presents concrete changes in agriculture, forests, and cities that are urgently needed to preserve biodiversity. Here you can find out why diverse features in fields and unsealed surfaces in cities have a positive effect on biodiversity and why deciduous trees will be better for our forests in the future than conifers! 


YOU! addresses you the visitors directly as consumers. Here you will learn what options each and every one of us has and be encouraged to share your experiences and try things out. Learn about sustainable consumption and nutrition and find out what other young people are doing to protect biodiversity. 


How does the EU promote nature conservation? Which international agreements must countries adhere to? And what does the Research Initiative for the Conservation of Biodiversity actually do apart from this exhibition? The UNITED! module shows instruments and measures in politics and science that protect biodiversity. 


In NOW! you steer your ball through a labyrinth in the fields of politics, civil society, business and research and find out what it would take to protect biodiversity. Navigate around the dead ends and find the shortcuts preferably together, because this is the only way to overcome the challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change!