FEdA: Researching and preserving biodiversity in Germany

The rapid loss of biodiversity is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Previous national and international intervention efforts to mitigate the decline of species and ecosystem diversity have been largely ineffective.

The German Government therefore recognises the need for scientifically substantiated interventions and strategies to reverse the trend in species loss, and has launched the Research Initiative for the Conservation of Biodiversity (Forschungsinitiative zum Erhalt der Artenvielfalt, FEdA) which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The initiative aims to create the necessary scientific foundation for preserving biodiversity in Germany and securing ecosystem services that are vital to our well-being. To this end, the FEdA approach is divided into three strategic focus areas:

1. Develop innovative technologies and methods to improve and boost the efficiency of biodiversity monitoring,

2. enhance our systemic understanding of the causes, dynamics, and consequences of biodiversity changes, and

3. generate systemic solutions and a ‘repertoire of measures’ in cooperation with prospective users.

The aim is to enable decision-makers from politics, business, and society to substantially counteract the loss of biodiversity by providing options for concrete action as well as a ‘policy toolbox’ of applicable measures.

Learn more about the BMBF Research Initiative for the Conservation of Biodiversity

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