2nd FEdA International Conference

Reversing biodiversity loss –
Conflicts, telecoupling and successful practices

Digital transdisciplinary conference, 4-5 December 2024

The BMBF Research Initiative for the Conservation of Biodiverity (FEdA) invites international scientists from all disciplines related to biodiversity as well as stakeholders from politics, society, economy, and the media for a broad, transdisciplinary conference concerning the global challenge of reversing biodiversity loss. The conference aims to address the following key questions:

  • How can the transformation to a biodiversity-positive world, as called for by the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, actually be achieved by 2030? What examples of best practice are there and what are the most promising approaches?
  • What contribution can and should science, politics and business make to achieve this goal? How promising are nature-based solutions in this context?
  • What approaches are there for overcoming conflicting goals and avoiding negative effects from telecoupling?
Why have this conference? And why now?

Despite many efforts, little progress has been made so far in tackling the biodiversity crisis; the extinction of species continues unabated. The COP-15 in Kunming-Montreal adopted an ambitious post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework in December 2022. Among other things, the contracting states committed to bringing the loss of areas of high biodiversity importance close to zero by 2030, while respecting the rights of Indigenous people (target 1). They also committed to effectively restoring at least 30% of areas of degraded terrestrial, inland water, and coastal and marine ecosystems by 2030 (target 2) – and the remaining targets 3 to 23 are no less ambitious. We live in a complex and highly interconnected world, in which conflicts and telecoupling effects make it difficult to achieve these ambitious goals. But how do we overcome these obstacles and what can we learn from successful practices in order to make this post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework a success?

Conference Program

The tentative conference program will be available here soon.



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